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Corkscrew International USA provides professional services at competitive prices to suite your needs and your budget. This is your source for Solid, Professional Web Hosting, Professional Web Site Development and Data Outsourcing Services.

Corkscrew International USA has been in operation since year 2000 and provide services to a distinguished list of Multi-National Companies. Corkscrew International USA is incorporated in Colorado, USA, and maintains a multi-national management team from USA and Australia. [From 1 October 2010, operations have been transferred from Corkscrew International BVI  to Corkscrew International USA in Colorado, USA]

The domain will continue in operation until end of 2015. The new domain name is and will be implemented during 2014.

During 2010, the company has reached a significant milestone in supporting over 500 web site domains. Another milestone was the conversion of all major sites to use the Dot Net Nuke Framework. Services now include Windows based Hosting, with Dot Net Nuke recommended, Linux-Apache-MySQL Hosting, and MAIL Hosting  using the advanced features of Mail Enable. New Video Hosting Services are planned for 2011 with trials in 4Q 2010.


Full TLS Implementation - Part 1 - Monday, September 23, 2013

Effective 23 September, we have implemented True SSL/TLS Mail Service with a Certificate sign by Rapid SSL.

To use TLS Mail Security, it will be necessary to make the following changes to you mail service:

1. POP3, IMAP, SMTP Mail Servers will be, regardless of your domain.

2. In your Mail Client, you should specify use of TLS for POP, IMAP and SMTP. At this time you could specify AUTO for service selection. 

3. Test your mail configuration and make sure it is passing all tests.

For a period of approx 60 days, the security selection will be optional. In the next phase it will be mandatory to use TLS for POP3, IMAP and SMTP, regardless of which ports are being used.

We are preparing configuration instructions for the common mail clients.


Secure Mail Passwords - Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Security of Mail Passwords is being upgraded.

Effective 22 August 2011, Passwords must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Cannot contain common words such as 'password', 'pass', 'test', contain the mail box name or the post office name.
2. Must contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters.
3. Must contain at least 1 number.
4. Must contain at least 1 symbol
5. Must be at least 7 characters long.

New mail boxes and changed passwords MUST meet these specifications.
Existing mail boxes will continue to work with no changes.

Effective 1 September 2011, all mail box passwords MUST meet these specifications. Those mail boxes identified as not meeting those requirements will be disabled, or a new password assigned.

Existing mail boxes that do not meet the minimum specifications will be notified during the next few days.

FPT & VIETTEL NETWORK FAILURES D2 and D9 HCMC - Friday, January 11, 2013

Since approximately late November 2012, we have received reports of problems with FPT and VIETTEL service in the D2 and D9 areas of Ho CHi Minh City.

Symptoms of the problem are failure to be able to send mail to some mail servers in USA and Australia.

We are trying to resolve this matter with both VIETTEL and FPT. So far the blame is being placed on blacklisted Customer IP addresses and claims of blacklisted server IP addresses. Neither claim has been verified in reviewing log files.

As of this date we have determined that the network in parts of D2 around the Thao Dien area and other parts of D9 have this problem. All other areas work normally.

We have requested some technical information from VietTel and FPT to help resolve the issue, but to this time, they have not been able resolve the problems.

For customers experiencing similar problems, you should contact your ISP and press for a full investigation of the problem. Don't accept summary dismissal of the problems with finger pointing.


eCommerce Site Development - Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today we announce the official launch of our eCommerce Development products.

We have been developing eCommerce solutions for our customers for almost 5 years, mostly behind the scenes and without a formal product announcement.

We now introduce 3 product options: Basic, Enhanced and Custom eCommerce Site Development.

All products are embedded into the award winning DotNetNuke Framework and provide customers with a SECURE eCommerce environment that is Standards Compliant and meets governmental Security Guidelines.

The Basic eCommerce package is in use in over 100,000 sites [not all ours of course].

The Enhanced eCommerce package is in use in more than 10,000 sites across a very wide range of industries. 

The Custom Development of web sites is offered but highly discouraged, except for specialized applications which cannot fit into either the Basic or Enhanced products. We offer this only to ensure a complete solution.


New Legal Requirements for 2012 - Monday, January 02, 2012
Commencing in March 2012, there are new legal requirements pertaining to web sites which are Hosted in US, Belong to US Entities, Do Business in the US, have Visitors from the US or perform any form of transaction [financial or otherwise] in or through the US.

Essentially this means ALL web sites [regardless of origin or location].

In order that all of our existing customer web sites are in compliance with these regulations we will be sending quotations offering a 50% discount from the regular price for implementation of the legal requirements. We will also offer a 50% discount for all new customers up to 31 March 2011. After that time the price will be included in all new web site development.

Customers may opt-out of this requirement, but we will add a further disclaimer to state this.

The following statements will be required for all sites:
1. Privacy Statement
2. Terms of Use Statement
3. Copyright Statement [not just the words Copyright]
4. Anti-Spam Policy
5. Disclaimer
6. DMCA Compliance
7. FTC Compliance

Customers may provide their own versions of each of the above requirements, but they MUST be in English. It is recommended that customers use the Legal Statements, Attorney Prepared, that we have purchased for use with Web Sites. 

Mail Log File Archives Retention - Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mail Archives are kept on-line for a period of 7 days. This means if you have had any problems with either sending or receiving mail, you can request a detailed report about the mail, as long as that request is within this time frame.

There are hundreds of reasons why mail may not be delivered, ranging from the very simple [it was never sent, the address was wrong] to more complex [invalid construct, improper sending domains and more].

Magic Spam provides the first level protection for incoming mail and any mail which is rejected by Magic Spam will be returned to the sender complete with an explanation [in English] why the mail was rejected, and a link to an extended description of how the problem may be resolved.

Mail Enable in turn keeps extremely detailed log files of both sent and received mail with, unfortunately, highly technical information about the mail status.

We can respond to customer requests about email problems, and we request that you fill in a support ticket for the most rapid response. Tickets can be created at This service is included with customer mail or web hosting agreement.


Secure Password Construction - Saturday, October 23, 2010

Secure Password Construction page added here.