Corkscrew International [BVI] is a technology company, originally registered in the British Virgin Islands and maintaining an international staff from USA and Australia, UK and Vietnam. Representatives are located in Vietnam and Australia. Location Map Corkscrew International BVI

Corkscrew International [BVI] has been operating since 1999 and concentrates on development of Internet Based solutions for business.

Our customer base is spread Worldwide with customers in USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Morrocco, UK, France and more.

From 1 October 2010, Corkscrew International [BVI] operations merged with Corkscrew International USA,  a company owned by JBI. Corkscrew International [BVI] ceased to exist from 1 October 2010. Location Map Corkscrew International USA.

Corkscrew Vietnam is a 100% owned company of Corkscrew International [BVI]. When Corkscrew International [BVI] ceased operation, an attempt was made to sell Corkscrew Vietnam to a group of Private Investors. Paperwork for this transaction was submitted to DPI, Vietnam, and was expected to take about 3 months. After almost 3 years of trivial hassles, that plan was withdrawn in September 2013. Corkscrew Vietnam suspended all operations in early 2012 pending outcome of the ownership transfer. In September 2013, it was decided to close out the license and that process continues. Local support for customers of Corkscrew International USA is now managed by Van Loc Infotech. Location Map Van Loc Infotech.

Corkscrew also maintains a Representative Office in Brisbane, Australia. Location Map of Corkscrew in Australia.

The new home address for Corkscrew International is in Centennial, Colorado, USA. Corkscrew International USA has been operating since 2008 and JBI has been operating since 1987. Both companies are technology based companies.

Updated 27Sep2010
Updated 29Jul2013


Head Office Location, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
Office location from 1998 to September 2010.
Corkscrew International [BVI] ceased operations on 30Sep2010.