vDedicated CentOS Linux Server

Launched in late 2003, CentOS is a community project with the goals of rebuilding the source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) into an installable Linux distribution and to provide timely security updates for all included software packages. To put in more bluntly, CentOS is nothing more than a clone of RHEL. The only technical difference between the two is branding - CentOS replaces all Red Hat trademarks and logos with its own. But the connection between RHEL and CentOS is not immediately visible on the CentOS web site; due to trademark laws, Red Hat is referred to as a "Prominent North American Enterprise Linux Vendor", instead of its proper name. Nevertheless, the relations between Red Hat and CentOS remain amicable and many CentOS developers are in active contact with Red Hat engineers.

CentOS is often seen as a reliable server distribution. It comes with the same set of well-tested and stable Linux kernel and software packages that form the basis of its parent, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Despite being a community project run by volunteers, it has gained a reputation of being a solid, free alternative to the more costly server products on the market, especially among the experienced Linux system administrators. CentOS is also suitable as an enterprise desktop solution, specifically where stability, reliability and long-term support are preferred over latest software and features. Like RHEL, CentOS is supported with a minimum of 5 years of security updates.

Start to use CentOS linux servers today by purchasing our vDedicated Servers!

vDedicated Server Standard

* 20GB Hard disk Space
* UnMetered 2mbps Bandwidth
Setup Fee: US$10.00
Monthly Fee: US$44.00

vDedicated Server Silver

* 50GB Hard disk Space
* UnMetered 4mbps Bandwidth
Setup Fee: US$10.00
Monthly Fee: US$88.00

vDedicated Server Gold

* 100GB Hard disk Space
* UnMetered 6mbps Bandwidth
Setup Fee: US$10.00
Monthly Fee: US$132.00

vDedicated Server SuperNova

* 200GB Hard disk Space
* UnMetered 10mbps Bandwidth

Setup Fee: US$10.00
Monthly Fee: US$198.00