vDedicated Server SuperNova

* 200GB Hard disk Space
* UnMetered 10mbps Bandwidth

Setup Fee: US$10.00
Monthly Fee: US$198.00

Other plans: Standard Plan | Silver Plan | Gold Plan
  • Dedicated Operating System: With a dedicated operating system, you can upgrade your operating system at whatever time you want (You can even change it to a different operating system). You can install whatever software you want. You can config all software to whatever way you want. You can host hundreds or thousands of ebusiness applications or web sites on a single vDedicated Server.

  • Snapshot feature allows your server to have a snapshot taken beofre you make a major server software change (e.g. software upgrades, patches or updates). If the software change caused problems, your server can fall back to the state before you made the change with a couple of clicks regardless whatever changes you made to your server after the snapshot. This is a very useful feature for web developers to test new software.

  • vServer Manager option available so you can remote reboot your server at anytime; remote reinstall your OS at anytime; have Server Console access over the Internet at anytime.

  • Fixed Bandwidth Cost: UnMetered bandwidth. No surprising bandwidth charges. Our vDedicated Server plans offer you lots of bandwidth (up to 648 GBs per month or 3240 GBs per month depending on the plan you selected).

  • 100% Network Uptime Guaranteed! Our data center maintains direct connections to four of the top five Internet backbones: ATT, Verizon/MCI/UUNET, Qwest and Level 3. Our IP Network is powered by redundant high capacity Cisco data center routers and switches.

  • 100% Server Hardware Uptime Guarantee! Never worry about hardware failures again. With superb redundant hardware and server virtualization technology, our vDedicated Servers are so reliable that we guarantee 100% server hardware uptime!

  • Managed services included: Server monitoring, unlimited server reboots, unlimited application service restarts, and server snapshots. 

  • Technical Expertise: Serving thousands of servers for over 10 years, we have extensive experience with Linux and Windows software, MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

  • Live on-site technical support: available 24x7x365 by email, telephone or through our user friendly on-line support ticket system. 

  • State-of-the-art SAS 70 Type II certified data center facility includes diesel power generators, UPS, environmental cooling systems, multi-level security, and pre-action fire suppression systems.