vDedicated Servers vs Dedicated Servers

Traditional Dedicated Server time has passed.

New revolutionary hardware virtualization technology delivers Virtual Dedicated Servers that perform and behave exactly like dedicated servers. vDedicated Servers are more reliable, cost less and offer more management features.

vDedicated Servers vs. Dedicated Servers

Our vDedicated Servers offer more server management capabilities, more reliable hardware, and faster CPUs then most entry level or standard Dedicated Servers.

Hardware and Features Typical Dedicated Servers vDedicated Servers
Server Speed Single Pentium CPU or Celeron CPU Hosted on Dual Xeon Quad Cores (8 Cores Total) CPUs
Data Storage IDE or SATA Hard Disks SAS (Serial SCSI) Hard Disks. SAS hard disks offer much better performance and reliability than IDE and SATA hard disks.
Data Redundancy Single hard Disk. No RAID. Hardware RAID 6. Raid 6 has the twice the redundancy than the popular RAID 5 configuration.
Remote Server Management No remote reboot;
No remote reinstall OS;
No server console access over the Internet;
With vServer Manager, you can:
Remote reboot your server at anytime;
Remote reinstall your OS at anytime;
Have server console access over the Internet at anytime;
Instant Data and Application Recovery Not available With vDedicated Server Snapshot feature you can make whatever changes to your server (e.g. software patches/updates). If the change caused the server problem, your server can be restored back to the state before you made the change with a couple of clicks.
Server Upgrade and Migration Server upgrade and migration need to reinstall OS and applications. vDedicated Server can be upgraded or migrated to a new computer without reinstalling the OS and applications.
Server Portability Can only run at hosting Data Center. Can be cloned and run on your office and Home PCs. You can even run your vDedicated Server clone on your laptop computer.
UnMetered Bandwidth Metered bandwidth. Monthly fees maybe higher if your server transfered more data. UnMetered bandwidth. Fixed Monthly Cost.
Cost Typically cost $99 or more a month Cost as little as $44.00 a month