Archive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook:

You can free up a lot of file space for your email quota by archiving your email items. Your messages are transferred to a file store specified by you and can be retrieved at a later date.

You can transfer items to file store at any time by selecting the ‘Archive’ option from the ‘File’ menu.

There is a new window is appearing.

You can decide how many year for archive folder. In this case, I will archive my mail box follow each year.

The first, my archive oldest  year mail box will be set older than Fri 01/01/2006.
In Archive file: click 'browse'  To choose folder saving Archive2006 file on another disk.


Then, you can create many Archive files  as the same that way, for example: archive2007.pst with 'Archive items older than: Friday 01/01/2007'.

In the same way, archive2008.pst with 'Archive items older than: Friday 01/01/2008'.

Finally, you need to disable AutoArchive function in MS Outlook following.

Right-click the folder you want to AutoArchive and select ‘Properties’.

Click ‘AutoArchive’

To disable automatic archiving, empty check box in 'Run AutoArchive every:' .