Secure Password Construction

Secure Password Specifications:
Passwords must meet the following minimum:

1. Passwords cannot contain 'password', 'pass', 'test' or other common names, or contain mailbox name, post office name, domain name, etc.

2. Must include a mixture of Upper and Lower case letters.
3. Must include at least 1 number.
4. Must include at least 1 symbol.
5. Must be at least 7 characters long.

These specifications apply to all new passwords or changes passwords effective 22 August 2011.
These specifications will be enforced from 1 September 2011.

These changes are applied to ensure security of the mail and resist hacking attempts.

InSecure Password Construction.

Creating a Secure Password is easy if you follow the rules below.

Creating passwords with names, numbers or virtually any other "secret" way is anything but secure.


These are good examples of BAD passwords.
Change the language and they are just as easy to guess.




And the list is easily guessed.

Secure Password Construction.


Using TWO Sentences that you can easily remember and then following the rules will create a VERY SECURE password which you do not need to write down somewhere to remember. Of course you do need to remember your sentences!