Set Up an Outlook Signature

One of the great features of Outlook is that you can set up email signature blocks that will appear at the bottom of every email you send, providing valuable information about you and your company. In order to set up your Outlook email signature, take the following steps.

1. In Microsoft Outlook, select Tools then click Options.

2. On the Options window, click Mail Format tab.

3. On the E-mail Signature tab, select New to create a signature as below:

4. Type the name for your new signature in the pop-up and click OK.

5. Enter your signature line as you would like it to appear. If you want spaces between the end of your email and your signature, be sure to enter them here. On the right you have the option to enter a Business Card which is a contact information card that you have set up for yourself or for your company, a picture and hyperlinks. Also, you remember to select "sample" signature in New messages and Replies/Forwards if you like.

6. Click OK to complete your signature, and then try out your new signature by opening a new email on Outlook. You will see your new signature pre-filled at the bottom of the page.